That's a Hell of a Thing to Say

by Rich Restaino

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After five years of leading the Obits, I needed a break. Once we stopped playing and rehearsing, I found myself with a lot more time to write and track ideas in my home studio. Writing for a band, especially a big band with lots of singers like the Obits, is fun. It's also a challenge to create songs that highlight what each member does well. With the new-found freedom, I allowed myself to write in whatever style came to mind, which is more like a return to my natural instincts.

I first started recording with my brother's 4-track tape recorder, and long before I ever made any of my songs public, I would gather them up onto cassette-length albums, write liner notes, create cover art, and then look back at them later as a parent looking at the pencil scratches on a wall that mark the changes in height of his child. It was my way of marking progress.

In many ways, I'm not that far removed from the weird, sensitive introvert I was when I first started writing songs. Although I have gotten better at all of the pieces that go into making recordings, I've pretty much used the same process throughout. I have a fit of writing/recording (usually in tandem) and I eventually have enough songs hanging around to call it a record. Here's another one.

Rich Restaino


released June 5, 2013

© 2013 madhouse! records
Produced by Rich Restaino

All songs by R.F. Restaino © 2013 Dick Frank Music (ASCAP)
Recorded and mixed by Rich Restaino

Rich Restaino: all vocals, guitars, drums & drum programs, bass, keyboards, and extra bits

Dedicated to Elzie



all rights reserved


Rich Restaino Austin, Texas

"Rich Restaino covers a lot of territory, as apt to remind you of Carl Perkins as David Byrne." --

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